What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism, eye careAstigmatism is an optical defect which many people face. It is rare compared to myopia and hypermetropia but not unheard of. The image formation doesn’t occur on the retina of the eye and the person has a blurred vision. Actually, the person has difficulty to focus on horizontal and vertical lines at the same time while viewing an image.

Sometimes it so happens that astigmatism cannot be cured by spectacles but only by contact lenses. This happens mostly when the cornea is scarred or there are some irregularities in the crystalline lens. Some symptoms of astigmatism can be severe too where vision gets severely blurred and headaches may occur. You should get yourself checked immediately as ignoring it might lead to worse conditions especially if you already have migraine. Corrective lenses will help you see better again. Refractive surgery is also possible which can fix this problem for good. In most cases, one doesn’t need t wear glasses ever again after this surgery.

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