Self Harm: Understanding The Problem

Self HarmSelf-harm is not an unknown subject. Many people are actually into self-harm; you just might not know it. People who are actually depressed or disturbed and are into self-harm are actually pretty good at hiding it. The ones, which show off their scars and freshly cut skin to others, or worse, upload pictures and show how tough their life is, well, basically, they just want attention. It’s hard to sort out the ones, which really need help. To find out these people you, as a friend or family member, need to understand the problem first.

• Why do people cut themselves?

There actually is a scientific reason why people self-harm. In our body, the “happy hormone” is called endorphin. When we are happy, we release endorphins. Therefore, when a person is severely depressed and find no way to release endorphins, they try to find a vent. Moreover, someday, some person realized ages ago that self-harm helps one vent. This is because, when you get cut, your body tries to cope with the pain by tricking the brain. the brain helps the body recover psychologically as well by releasing endorphins. Therefore, it’s actually a way the body copes with psychological pain. It’s truly hard to blame the depressed.

• Don’t blame them

No it’s not OKAY to tell cutters that they are weak and pathetic and show offs (yes, don’t even say it to the ones who are showing off). Instead, help them admit that they have a problem and they should get help. You always have to tread on these lines carefully as you never know when a cut might get too deep.

• How to help

People who cut themselves need to be told that there are others ways to cope. Most self-hatred leads to self-harm. People always assume that it’s got to be a boyfriend/girlfriend problem. However, it has been noted that it’s mostly that the reasons vary but the main reason always comes down to self-hatred. People who cut themselves usually have faced a lot of trouble “fitting in”. They have been bullied, dumped, abused, or always trampled upon. Finding out the root of the problem is the main step to start making the problem goes away.

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