Rosacea: what is it?

Acne Rocacea, skin diseasesRosacea is often termed as Acne Rocacea or adult Acne. It is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit just like Acne vulgaris. But it is not exactly a form of what we know as Acne vulguris. Rosecea generally starts off with flushing of face or redness. Small bumps that are pimple like are formed on the face what contributes to the redness of the skin is the visibility of capillaries on the skin.

The capillaries that are visible on the face are very over sensitive. Certain triggering causes of Rosecea are drinking of alcohol, sun exposure, and exposure to extreme cold or hot weather, Consumption of spicy food, emotional stress. Rosecea generally occurs after the age of 30 and is confined to the face. There is no typical cure for rosecea but it can be successfully cured. If there is any progress in rosecea then the bumpiness and redness can take really become severe, but in most cases it does not become very severe. This condition is very common for women to develop whereas men have been known to develop far more serious forms.

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