Perfect cure for ear infection

Cure for ear infection, ear infectionEar infection can be caused by a number of things. If you think that there is an infection in your air, you should not avoid it at any cost, as it may lead to something much more serious and get out of your control. One of the best solutions for ear infection is a steam of lavender oil and eucalyptus. You will have to pour water that is boiling in to bowl. Make sure the bowl is not made of plastic.

Add the two oils in two or three drops in that water. Then, get your head covered with a towel and take the steam through breathing it in so that it reaches the areas that connects to your ears, throat and the nose. Do not use excessive heat or oil. Another effective remedy would be garlic. Boil a garlic clove with half a cup of water and then, when the garlic has become soft, get it placed on the affected area of your ear.

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