Aerobics for Weight Loss

January 1st, 2014 by cooldude

Aerobics for Weight LossAerobics is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Aerobic exercises not only help in losing weight but have many long term health benefits as well. Also, if done right aerobics can turn out to be a lot of fun.

It is a well known fact that cardio and aerobic exercises help to keep your weight in check. To perform aerobic exercises you require excess energy, and that is energy is taken from the calories that you consume in the entire day in the form of food and beverages. This increases your metabolic rate and burns a great amount of calories. Aerobics reduces blood pressure as well along with body fat.

Another reason why excess fat can be lost with the help of aerobics is that it helps you reduce your irregular hunger pangs. Doing aerobic exercises regularly increases the level of leptin in your body which in turn reduces your appetite. Leptin is a protein that works in balancing metabolism and appetite, hence managing energy consumption and expenditure.

Below are some statistics that would help you understand the effect better:

If you do an impact routine for an hour, up to 545 calories in your body can be burnt. A routine which is more vigorous can burn up to 763 calories. Walking at a brisk pace for an hour can reduce your body calories by up to 414 and 1472 if you run for an hour.
However, you must keep in mind that if you are not regular as far as your aerobic exercises are concerned, you will not lose weight as you wished to. Consumption of enough excessive calories that can meet your suddenly increased energy needs will not help you lose weight either. You should exercise for 20-30 minutes at least three times a week if you really wish to gain from your exercise sessions. Also, reduce alcohol intake and consumption of oily or high fat food since these substitute all the calories that your exercise helps you burn.

Benefits Of Attending Yoga Classes

November 18th, 2013 by cooldude

Yoga ClassesYoga was born in India thousands of years ago as part of religious beliefs and philosophies, and especially long lately, it seemed like an excellent exercise, which also helps to channel positive energy and improve health in every way because it opens the chakras (energy flow points in our body). According to the Hindu religion and many ideologies of the “new era ” , yoga is not only considered exercise, some people consider it a religious technique , but if you do not share these ideas , do not worry , yoga is also for you, many people use it to relax and would exercise without linking it to a religion.
In yoga there are different techniques that will help among other things, to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. As an exercise, it is very beneficial because it controls the breathing, helps posture and is very calming. Several studies have shown to improve fertility in women and benefit them in the climacteric. As occurs before starting any exercise practice, we recommend you consult with doctor, especially if you have any special physical condition.

Physical and Physiological Benefits

1. Increase flexibility.
2. Improve muscle tone.
3. Strengthen bones.
4. Your breathing process Improved.
5. Improve circulation.
6. Improve intestinal work.
7. Relieve pain.
8. You should be able stimulating the immune system.
9. You should be able improving the functioning of the sexual organs.
10. Relax.
11. Psychological or Mental Benefits
12. you should Increase concentration.
13. Get peace of mind.
14. Increase self-esteem.

It is best for Auxiliary treatments of psychological disorders and addictions. Yoga techniques have been the subject of many experiments to test its effect on the nervous system, heart rate and its ability to aid in healing various ailments. Also, there have been studies to determine their potential to change the depressive moods. The results are, in all areas, there is a significant improvement not only in health, even changes the way people live.

A brief on fat burner foods

October 15th, 2013 by cooldude

fat burner foodsAre you worried about your unnecessary fat gain and looking for ways to reduce? Well, a shaped body is the result of good exercise and proper diet and you have to be really careful about what you put in the mouth. You must know that there are certain foods that ooze a thermogenic effect in the body resulting in huge fat loss. The article here is a brief on some of the best fat burner foods.

First of all, you can count on foods enriched in Omega 3. These include tuna, salmon, flaxseed and eggs. The Omega-3 fats enables the body to burn off fat by making it better responsive to the Leptin hormone. Leptin is known to enhance metabolism that assists hugely in the fat burning process. You must include protein-rich foods in your diet when you are trying hard to lose fat. Protein carries superb thermogenic effect- it takes long to digest protein-rich foods that lowers down carb absorption by the body. The best protein-enriched foods are lean meats, sea foods, egg whites and steak. It’s interesting to note that if you are on protein-rich diet even beer consumption would have less fattening effect on your body.

Have ginger everyday as ginger has proved to be very effective in burning fat. Ginger assists in stimulating the fat-burning mechanism by escalating the overall heat & temperature in the body. It’s good if you have a knack for coffee. Coffee contains caffeine – another great fat burning agent. Then, yes, you have whole grains. Foods like brown rice & oatmeal are fantastic fat burning agents. Besides, you must vouch for the low-fat or trimmed dairy products. These are rich in Vitamin D and calcium which help in building and preserving muscle mass- needed for a solid metabolism. Green tea is also effective for fat burning.

Self Harm: Understanding The Problem

September 3rd, 2013 by cooldude

Self HarmSelf-harm is not an unknown subject. Many people are actually into self-harm; you just might not know it. People who are actually depressed or disturbed and are into self-harm are actually pretty good at hiding it. The ones, which show off their scars and freshly cut skin to others, or worse, upload pictures and show how tough their life is, well, basically, they just want attention. It’s hard to sort out the ones, which really need help. To find out these people you, as a friend or family member, need to understand the problem first.

• Why do people cut themselves?

There actually is a scientific reason why people self-harm. In our body, the “happy hormone” is called endorphin. When we are happy, we release endorphins. Therefore, when a person is severely depressed and find no way to release endorphins, they try to find a vent. Moreover, someday, some person realized ages ago that self-harm helps one vent. This is because, when you get cut, your body tries to cope with the pain by tricking the brain. the brain helps the body recover psychologically as well by releasing endorphins. Therefore, it’s actually a way the body copes with psychological pain. It’s truly hard to blame the depressed.

• Don’t blame them

No it’s not OKAY to tell cutters that they are weak and pathetic and show offs (yes, don’t even say it to the ones who are showing off). Instead, help them admit that they have a problem and they should get help. You always have to tread on these lines carefully as you never know when a cut might get too deep.

• How to help

People who cut themselves need to be told that there are others ways to cope. Most self-hatred leads to self-harm. People always assume that it’s got to be a boyfriend/girlfriend problem. However, it has been noted that it’s mostly that the reasons vary but the main reason always comes down to self-hatred. People who cut themselves usually have faced a lot of trouble “fitting in”. They have been bullied, dumped, abused, or always trampled upon. Finding out the root of the problem is the main step to start making the problem goes away.

Benefits of teeth scaling

June 24th, 2013 by cooldude

teeth scalingOral care is as much needed as skin or hair care as a clean white smile is one of the best ways to accentuate your facial beauty. Teeth scaling is an effective dental treatment which is advised to be taken after every 2-3 years for healthy germ free teeth. The article here discusses many advantages of teeth scaling.

First and foremost, teeth scaling will work to remove the plaque build up from your gum line, keeping your teeth clean- it’s necessary to prevent the issue of gingivitis. It would even help to resist tooth decay.

In addition to cleaning the plaque build up from your teeth, scaling would also whiten and polish up your teeth leaving you with a dazzling outlook. Your teeth would appear much cleaner and smooth post scaling. Just make sure to take the scaling treatment in a reputed dental clinic where you can always be assured of a safe and germ free environ.

Take to coconut water for a healthy body & fresh skin

June 10th, 2013 by cooldude

coconut waterCoconut water is not only renowned for its sweet taste but also for the numerous health and skin benefits it comes up with. The coconut water is totally cholesterol and fat free & contains a far more proportion of electrolytes in comparison to other fruits & veggies. Here is a note on why to have coconut water for a healthy body and beautiful skin.

Doctors always suggest coconut water to enhance vitamin content in your body. This form of water is enriched in the two major vitamins required by the body- Vitamin C & B. Apart from catering to the vitamin needs of your body, the coconut water would also help in lessening cancerous elements, treating the kidney stones as well as to control diabetes.

When it comes to skin, coconut water is advised to remove the unsightly facial scars, black marks and also to reduce the acne eruptions. The water assures a fresh looking clean & clear countenance.

How to keep your skin healthy

May 28th, 2013 by cooldude

healthy skin, skin careAre you tired with a tanned dull looking skin full of pimple and marks? Well here are some natural ways to take care of your skin. Skin consists of the maximum part of any human body as it is present everywhere. The skin cells regularly grow and dead cells are time to time replaced with new ones. A good and healthy skin is becoming a rare sight these days with so much pollution and use of chemical based products. The main thing that keeps your skin healthy is water. Make sure to have at least 10 glasses of water daily to keep it hydrated.

Rub yoghurt on the tanned and dry areas to make it lighter and soft. If you have acnes and pimple marks, use Aloe Vera to get rid of the blemishes. The substance works like a magic for skin problems like marks, dark circles and aging signs. Try to use fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder mixed with rose water for treating pimples.

Best way to take care of pregnancy cravings

May 6th, 2013 by cooldude

pregnancy care, women healthYou must have heard of cravings during pregnancy period. Actually the craving ranges from craving for foods to various other issues like going out for a holiday etc. But most of the time the craving during pregnancy is for food. The craving during pregnancy actually gives you an idea what your body needs to stay healthy.

However if your body needs protein, then you may be craving for meat, milk, dairy products, etc. But most of the time, it is seen that pregnant women crave for junk foods. You should be very careful enough in handling the pregnancy craving. Don’t give everything she wants. This is because everything may not be good for her health.

Well, it may not be always possible to consult with a gynecologist to see what she is craving for is good or not. You have to apply your own common sense also. Junk foods should be avoided mainly as they cause indigestion and several other diseases.

Hair growth facts you did not know about

April 18th, 2013 by cooldude

Hair growth facts, hair fallYou follow several things to make our hair grow it is not true always. Here are some myths that you follow along with the reality.

It is believed that going for frequent hair cut will make your hair grow fast. It is not true. Your hair grows half-inch every month, even if you do not cut your hair. During the summer hair grows a little faster and your hormones are also responsible for the growth of your hair. Having hair fall of 50-120 strands of hair is normal. Antibiotics, pregnancy are also responsible for hair fall. But, you do not need 2 worry your hair will grow back. Depression is a major reason for hair fall. Removing a strand of grey hair does not increase the number of grey hair. But, removing grey hair is not good for you might end up having an infection.

Simple Cardio Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

March 21st, 2013 by cooldude

cardio exercises, weight lossNowadays many of us are health conscious and work very hard to either loose weight or maintain the fitness of our body. Cardio exercises help increase heart functionality along with weight loss. Here are some simple cardio exercises.

Morning or evening walks and jogging are the best aerobic exercises. Your stamina is increased and you can loose many calories by regular walks or jogging. Skipping is the easiest of all the exercise. Get hold of a skipping rope and jump over the rope each time it passes below your leg.

Next simple exercise would be rotating punches. Punch continuously with your right and left hand with the help of your waist movement. Cycling is something people enjoy. But this is also a kind of cardio exercise and is really very helpful for weight loss.

Aerobics is a combination of dance and exercise. It works wonders when it comes to weight loss. Along with all these, any sport can be a cardio exercise.