Is Sun protection equally needed in winter?

Sun protection, skin careDuring winter our skin will be looking dull, tired and dry. Every year the Sun is out 365 days. Winter has minimum temperature, with rainfall and sometimes snow. Even though the temperature is minimum, the sun emits the UV rays always. UV rays are easily reflected by the snow. So it will affect the skin. Skin cancer, skin ageing and dark spots are due to the sun’s UV rays. For avoiding this, sun protection is needed in winter.

Some precautions should be taken during winter:

• Applying Sunscreen lotion on the face will protect the face skin.
• When you are going out, wear full length cloth.
• Using gloves is also the best idea
• Wearing sunglasses will protect your eye from the UV rays.
• Wear hat when you are going out. It will protect the skin from direct contact of sun.
Remember sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which is generated by the skin.

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