Importance of drinking water

Importance of drinking water, water for healthWater is a part of life. In proverbs, it is said that water is just another name for life. You need water to sustain and you need it in every part and aspect of your life. Drinking water is very important. It is absurd to imagine life without drinking water. Human being, as well as any other creature in the world needs drinking water for survival.

The body needs the amount of fluid in order to keep functional and it can be provided only by drinking water. Otherwise, the body will dry up and you will be withered like a rotting rat. It is a harsh way to put but that is the only way to express the grave necessity of drinking water for us, human beings. Since we are not like other animals, we are sensitive to a lot of things. Therefore, drinking water will not be drinking water for us as long as it s not clean and pure. Therefore, it is very important to have clean and pure drinking water in order to stay alive.

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