Importance of CPR training

Importance of CPR training, CPR trainingCPR training is very important and its need cannot be ignored; it is something every family member or at least one of them should be acquainted to and they should be active in case of an emergency. CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is something that needs to be applied on the patient who just went into a cardiac arrest. Research has proved that those given CPR within minutes of cardiac arrests have doubled the chances of survival.

Unfortunately, most of the family members are not even aware of such a thing. This is way better a process than just sitting and panicking. CPR in the form of mouth to mouth breathing and chest compressions provides the necessary oxygen and support that the brain, heart and lungs of the patient needs to keep up till emergency ambulance arrives. This is a smart technique to increase the survival rate of heart attack patients which most people are completely unaware of.

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