How to clean your cuticles

Tips to maintain cuticles, body careThere are a few things to follow in order to take care of your cuticles. You should apply moisturizer every time you get your hands washed. Dry cuticles may cause hangnails and if you see such signs, you should moisturize regularly. Try to avoid excessive use of the nail polish removes as they might get your nails dried up.

When you are working with household products like bleach, you should wear gloves without fail. Use a warm washcloth to rub against the cuticles in order to stop their growth. Never bite the cuticles. It is important that only sterilized tools are used when you are getting a manicure. If you see any redness or inflammation, you should consult a dermatologist at once. Do not try to cut the cuticles if you do not want the area to be infected. There are a number of products available in the markets that are designed specifically for taking care of the cuticles and you should go for them.

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