How to care for burnt skin

care for burnt skin, skin careA minor skin burn is common and it’s not something to worry about, given that you take care of it in the right manner. When you burn your skin, the first thing is to place the burnt area under running tap water. After that, examine the area and check the degree of burn. If you think that the area looks severely blistered and swollen and there is excessive bleeding too, then you should immediately go to a doctor.

If not, the pour some cold water on the area and let it dry. After that, put a thin layer of burn care product cream. Antibiotic cream, herbal cream and Aloe Vera creams are the best. Take a medical gauze bandage and secure the place by covering it completely. Tie it up well enough so that it doesn’t come off but also don’t tie it too tight. Never apply cotton to open wounds. Change the dressing daily. When the wound closes up, put some wound drying cream and stop putting the gauze. You can take painkillers during the whole time for relief.

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