Healthy teeth care- how to have and maintain them

Tips to maintain healthy teeth, dental careMost infections initiate from the mouth and it has been studied that a single bad tooth may lead to heart attacks and dysfunction of the lungs and kidneys. Tooth pain is dreadful so it is always better to prevent such pain from cavities.

• Brushing at least twice a day, especially before going to sleep removes the bits of food and plaque forming in between teeth.
• Use soft bristles as they put less pressure on the gums and are very effective in reaching the interior areas of the jaw line.
• Flossing is extremely beneficial for the mouth as it cleans gums and inner parts of the mouth that no brush could reach.
• Avoid carbonated beverages and smoking as they corrode the protective enamel from the teeth.
• Do not use toothpastes having fluoride component. Use mild toothpaste and gargle and floss whenever possible to prevent a smelly mouth.

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