First aid for a heat stoke

First aid for heat stoke, first aidIf you are suffering from a heat stroke, then the following steps should be taken. Firstly, you should take the victim to an open space where the victim can breathe fresh air. This will make the victim feel relaxed. Then, remove or open the clothes of the victim so that the body temperature of the victim gets lower. You can also wrap the victim under the cold and moist sheet.

You may also take the victim to a room where there is fan or air conditioner. If the victim feels well then you can give cold water to him. The intake of cold water will make the victim feel relaxed. You can also spray water on the victim’s face or can clean the victim’s body with a wet cloth. If then also you think that the victim is not getting well, and then you must immediately take him to the hospital. Thus, following these steps will make the condition of the victim better.

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