Find the Main Cause of Excessive Body Odor

Causes of Body Odor, body careThere are many reasons why a person can have body odor. It is nothing unnatural about it. If you take a few precautionary measures then you can easily reduce body odor. Basically our body released waste products through sweat glands. Bacterial reaction is the main reason behind general body odor. Some other reasons can also cause excessive body odor. For example if someone’s liver is in a bad condition, then that person tends to have extremely foul breath.

Constipation is also a main factor behind bad body odor. Deficiency of zinc and magnesium causes the body to releases unpleasant odors. Your diet tells a lot about your body odor. Foul odor is released by the body when there is a deficiency in any of the macro or micro nutrients. Finding out the main and specific cause behind your body odor can help you understand what kind of treatment you should get.

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