Effects of excess sun exposure

Effects of  sun exposure, skin care tipsAs we know the sun rays contain UV rays, too much time under the sun can fasten the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cause more skin problems.

First among the effects of excessive sun exposure is age spots. UV rays damage elastin and collagen fibers. Skin starts to look uneven and dark eventually prompting age spots which are tiny black, red or brown marks on skin surface looking like flat faded moles. Because of their tiny size, it is difficult to treat them. Second effect of excess sun is skin cancer. According to experts, UVA rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Itchy age spots, rashes, a stop in healing of skin wounds and inflammation are few signs of skin cancer. Another effect of excess sun exposure is uneven peeling. If the sun burned your dermis badly, you can peel it some days later. Skin tends to get itchy because of uneven peeling done by scratching.

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