DIY care for sinus infection

Tips to cure sinus infection, SinusesSinuses are cavities that are present near your nose and there can happen infection which results in lots of pain. Sinus infections are of two types: acute and chronic. The chronic type lasts longer and is a greater source of pain than the acute ones. The best home remedy is to inhale steam that makes mucus thin to ease its evacuation. A hot cloth if applied on the forehead can cause great relief. It helps in draining the mucus from the sinuses.

Another very comfortable remedy is you can apply paste of cinnamon and water or water mixed with ginger and mustard seeds. You can also drink juice of raw grapes for good results. You can also inhale steam of eucalyptus which helps in decongestion. Home remedies are really very useful to reduce sinus pain and you can also get a good deal of relief. Sinus is a problem of many people and you can easily use these methods to give yourself relief with no risk of side effects.

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