Detoxification essentials

Facts about Detoxification, health care tipsToxins are accumulated in various parts of the body after metabolism and these toxins are very harmful to the system if not cleaned and reduced properly. Elimination of these toxic substances from the body is called detoxification. The essential organs in our body that detoxifies our bloodstream are the lungs, kidney, liver and skin. Lungs detoxify by exhaling the carbon dioxide from deoxygenated blood and supplying pure oxygenated blood to the heart, liver breaks down the complex compounds into smaller fractions and these are given out by the kidney in form of urine and the skin in form of sweat.

Detoxification essentials include particular diet of food consumption that detoxifies the body, dialysis, acupuncture and use of detoxes and chelating agents. All of these are different physiological and medical methods of cleansing and nourishing the body system. Acupuncture detoxification, chelating and detox diet are used for normal essential detoxification whereas dialysis and detoxes are used when there is a serious need and the body cannot eliminate the toxins on its own.

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