Clearing ears-how important is it?

Tips to clean ears, health careEars are the most difficult to reach external organ of our body. The ear is a very sensitive and delicate organ so any pressure put on the ear canal while trying to clean it might directly hit the eardrum. Cleaning ears is a delicate job and should be done with utmost care. The ear has wax candles that produce ear wax regularly that accumulates over the Eustachian canal.

This ear wax is soft and brittle in nature and should be cleaned with either ear buds that are cotton placed on the tip of plastic pipes or using chemical or water. Cleaning the ear wax is essential because it might lead to accumulation of dirt leading to ear block, it might give rise to infections and home to certain parasites or insects. It might impair the hearing ability as well. So it is very important to clean the ears regularly, with water, hydrogen peroxide solution or buds.

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