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How to get rid of eye dryness

Monday, September 17th, 2012

 eye dryness, eye careThere are many symptoms of a person suffering from eye dryness. For some it can be an eye sight problem while some may have a sticky feeling when they try to open the eyes after they wake up. This is not a good sign because once the eye starts drying up it can lead to blindness. The best way to get rid of such a situation is by consulting the doctor.

There are several procedures by which the dryness can be avoided. The first thing that you have to see after you consult the doctor is at what level the dryness is. This would give the optician an idea as to how to treat you because these treatments are very sensitive in nature. When you are at home you should always wash your eyes with cold water and you must practice this at least thrice daily. If you have the habit of working on the computer then you should rest your after a certain period of time. Computers are increasingly becoming the reason for a person’s eye dryness.