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Best Natural Remedies for Healing Skin Aging

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
Two faces of Skin Aging

Skin Aging tips and tricks

Who doesn’t want younger and youthful skin? We all do need it, right? Aging is a natural process that catches a hold on each and every one of us eventually. But we are only responsible for accelerating and speeding up the aging process. Over dependence, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, unhygienic food, junk meal, alcohol, caffeine, and unhealthy habits like pollution, lack of exercise, and smoking are some reasons for skin aging. All these factors contribute towards wrinkles and appearance of skin aging. But with the help of natural remedies with their healing touch of nature might offer a turning point and reduce down the skin aging process effectively.

Skin aging healing natural remedies:

Although there are several, over the counter beauty products and cream are available that offers a treatment for skin aging. But it is advisable to opt for time tested natural remedies that are not only safe with any side effects but are also effective. It might take some time, but its results are fruitful.

Use olive oil:

One of the best ingredients that offers lighting effects on skin aging and wrinkles is olive oil. It is a natural ingredient that helps in getting rid of skin aging and fine lines on the face. It works as a treatment on tightening sagging skin. Olive oil is a rich source of minerals, natural fatty acids and vitamins. It offers nourishment to your skin because it is readily absorbed by the skin pores.

Olive oil is contains with vitamin E and A. It offers a hydrating skin and functions as an antioxidant. It offers better maintenance towards youthful and elastic skin so that it looks younger for a longer period of time. Pour some drops of olive oil in your palm and start applying on clear skin. Massage it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse it well. The effects will surely offer you with better results.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is termed with many benefits for skin aging. The advantages of it for skin aging are numerous in amount. Aloe Vera functions as an effective natural remedy for curing acne and pimples. It offers a reduction in excessive oil on the skin. Malic acid present in Aloe Vera proves to be effective for skin elasticity and helps in reducing skin aging and wrinkles. Fine lines are termed to be the most evident signs of skin aging.

Cut off a leaf of Aloe Vera and scrap out the gel. Apply the gel on the clean face and massage it w ell for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Massage it in a soft and circular motion. Let it be there for 20 to 25 minutes and rinse it off by using Luke warm water.

Aloe Vera supports with many benefits like it contains long chain sugar molecules that is present in the gel. It helps in retaining the moisture and offers a pathway for good formation of collagen. Collagen is basically it is a protein that offers to maintain a youthful skin and helps in rejuvenating your skin aging.


Benefits of Using Coconut Water for Health

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
Using Coconut Water for Health is beneficail

Tips of Using Coconut Water for Health

Coconut water is considered being one of the most powerful yet tasty water which we never miss to go for but you have heard about its amazing benefits of using coconut water for health? I know right, there are way more benefits which can help you in making you known with the aspects and the advantages of using coconut water for health. Well, not only health but it is also good for skin, hairs and many more of its uses which can be considered to be in the favor of the users. There are many benefits of using coconut water for health which you can go for in the further discussion. Not only that, coconut water is being seen more now days to be the preference of the health freaked.

There are many benefits of using coconut water for health which you musty definitely go for trying up because it is in return going to be beneficial for you. Let me tell you that the list of the things which you can be helpful with is very big so buckle up to have the knowledge of using coconut water for health in your matters.

Benefits of using coconut water for health

  • One of the most important benefits that can be considered and must be applied to all the people who are suffering from heart disease must have coconut water in their food list. Coconut water helps in stimulating and promoting more of your cardiovascular health because for better heart and stronger immunity you need to go for having nutritious food and liquids and thus coconut water is one of its which can help you in taking proper cardio.
  • I know you might be thinking that with more of your eating, you will gain up your weight but the facts say something else. Coconut waters helps in increasing and promoting your metabolism which will result in eating more of the food. And in simple words, boosting up of metabolism will result in to burning more of your calories which is considered to be in your benefits.
  • Kidney beans are counted in the category of solved by coconut water. Those kidney stones can be happened with many of the factors but with the help of coconut water you would be able to blow it out from your body. Coconut water works in the form of removing such kidney stones through urine and thus you are safe and pain free.
  • Another tip which can help you in the matters of going for using coconut water for health is it helps from getting dehydrated. Many times because of certain situation you can get dehydrated and this thing can be sorted with the help of taking coconut water on a regular basis.
  • Not only bananas but coconut water is also one of such fruit which can help you in making your bones more stringer and effective. The presence of calcium in our body is accurate but still we need more of nutrients which can help us in getting the best from all our health.

How to keep your skin healthy

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

healthy skin, skin careAre you tired with a tanned dull looking skin full of pimple and marks? Well here are some natural ways to take care of your skin. Skin consists of the maximum part of any human body as it is present everywhere. The skin cells regularly grow and dead cells are time to time replaced with new ones. A good and healthy skin is becoming a rare sight these days with so much pollution and use of chemical based products. The main thing that keeps your skin healthy is water. Make sure to have at least 10 glasses of water daily to keep it hydrated.

Rub yoghurt on the tanned and dry areas to make it lighter and soft. If you have acnes and pimple marks, use Aloe Vera to get rid of the blemishes. The substance works like a magic for skin problems like marks, dark circles and aging signs. Try to use fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder mixed with rose water for treating pimples.

Is Sun protection equally needed in winter?

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Sun protection, skin careDuring winter our skin will be looking dull, tired and dry. Every year the Sun is out 365 days. Winter has minimum temperature, with rainfall and sometimes snow. Even though the temperature is minimum, the sun emits the UV rays always. UV rays are easily reflected by the snow. So it will affect the skin. Skin cancer, skin ageing and dark spots are due to the sun’s UV rays. For avoiding this, sun protection is needed in winter.

Some precautions should be taken during winter:

• Applying Sunscreen lotion on the face will protect the face skin.
• When you are going out, wear full length cloth.
• Using gloves is also the best idea
• Wearing sunglasses will protect your eye from the UV rays.
• Wear hat when you are going out. It will protect the skin from direct contact of sun.
Remember sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which is generated by the skin.

How to remove scars?

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

remove scars, skin care tipsThere are a few things that you can consider doing when you are trying to get rid off the scars. Hydration is a very important thing to do in this regard. There are a lot of benefits of water and there benefits of it in this case as well. Drinking water in a lot of quantity will be very important if you are trying removing the ugly scars.

Enough intake of vitamin E will also play an important role when you are trying to battle the scars. You can take capsules of this vitamin in order to get the scars of acme eliminated. You can apply it to the affected parts of the skin. The capsules can be taken orally for the same effects as well. Rosehip seed oil will also be important when you are removing the scars. It is a very power agent and it will also help you fight wrinkles and many other aging signs.

Curing chapped lips

Friday, October 19th, 2012

curing chapped lips, lip careThere are a few things that you have to consider when you are trying to heal your chapped lips. Every morning you should make it a point to get your skin gently exfoliated with a fine flannel. You should also used a chap stick or a lip balm frequently all day but do not go with the perfumed ones. It is very important that you keep your body hydrated.

Therefore, it is important that you drink plenty of water. It is also important that you have a healthy diet. Make sure that you are not suffering from vitamin deficiency as it may be a reason behind chapped lips. A very effective way of curing the chapped lips is applying butter on the affected area. You can also use honey for the job. Make sure you do not lick the area when it itches as it will make the condition worse.

How to care for burnt skin

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

care for burnt skin, skin careA minor skin burn is common and it’s not something to worry about, given that you take care of it in the right manner. When you burn your skin, the first thing is to place the burnt area under running tap water. After that, examine the area and check the degree of burn. If you think that the area looks severely blistered and swollen and there is excessive bleeding too, then you should immediately go to a doctor.

If not, the pour some cold water on the area and let it dry. After that, put a thin layer of burn care product cream. Antibiotic cream, herbal cream and Aloe Vera creams are the best. Take a medical gauze bandage and secure the place by covering it completely. Tie it up well enough so that it doesn’t come off but also don’t tie it too tight. Never apply cotton to open wounds. Change the dressing daily. When the wound closes up, put some wound drying cream and stop putting the gauze. You can take painkillers during the whole time for relief.

Rosacea: what is it?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Acne Rocacea, skin diseasesRosacea is often termed as Acne Rocacea or adult Acne. It is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit just like Acne vulgaris. But it is not exactly a form of what we know as Acne vulguris. Rosecea generally starts off with flushing of face or redness. Small bumps that are pimple like are formed on the face what contributes to the redness of the skin is the visibility of capillaries on the skin.

The capillaries that are visible on the face are very over sensitive. Certain triggering causes of Rosecea are drinking of alcohol, sun exposure, and exposure to extreme cold or hot weather, Consumption of spicy food, emotional stress. Rosecea generally occurs after the age of 30 and is confined to the face. There is no typical cure for rosecea but it can be successfully cured. If there is any progress in rosecea then the bumpiness and redness can take really become severe, but in most cases it does not become very severe. This condition is very common for women to develop whereas men have been known to develop far more serious forms.

Aromatherapy and skin health

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Aromatherapy, skin health tipsIt is everyone’s desire to have a healthy and glowing skin. What can be a more effective method other than the Aromatherapy? Research has found out that the sense of smell can lighten the full mood. As we all know that if you have happy from inside it reflects in your face. The Aromatherapy is proved to give relief from stress and mental anxieties. This is extremely beneficial in today’s life where people get easily stressed out. It is always also seen that this therapy leads to better sleep which will also help you get a youthful glow. It cures asthma also. Tea tree oil has the qualities to fight against fungal germs and is a great cure in case of insect bites.

Lavender oil work wonders for a dry skin. It is also said that vanilla oils is very effective for patients who is losing weight very fast. The fragrance can relieve you of all the weakness and give you are lot of confidence. Each of these oils has individual qualities and so it is advisable that you try all the oils and find out what purpose each oil serves.

Effects of excess sun exposure

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Effects of  sun exposure, skin care tipsAs we know the sun rays contain UV rays, too much time under the sun can fasten the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cause more skin problems.

First among the effects of excessive sun exposure is age spots. UV rays damage elastin and collagen fibers. Skin starts to look uneven and dark eventually prompting age spots which are tiny black, red or brown marks on skin surface looking like flat faded moles. Because of their tiny size, it is difficult to treat them. Second effect of excess sun is skin cancer. According to experts, UVA rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Itchy age spots, rashes, a stop in healing of skin wounds and inflammation are few signs of skin cancer. Another effect of excess sun exposure is uneven peeling. If the sun burned your dermis badly, you can peel it some days later. Skin tends to get itchy because of uneven peeling done by scratching.