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How To Tackle Depression

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

DepressionGoing into depression can make you feel helpless but remember you are not. When you are in the situation of depression, you must hunt out for the ways to tackle depression. Depression is kind of situation where the second you open your eyes in the morning till the second, you close your eyes in the night you feel like you are in a battle with negative thoughts going on into your mind and you are making constant efforts to pull yourself out of it. This situation is definitely not good as you are always fighting with your brain and your thoughts and you must try to tackle depression. You can do a lot of things to fight with depression like meditation or medication or some therapies and try to tackle depression. Trying to make some changes in your lifestyle, your way of thinking, your physical activities are all some of the natural ways to tackle depression. Here are some of the other tips which will make you feel better and will help you tackle depression.

  • Get into a routine

If you are feeling depressed and you want to tackle depression then one thing you should definitely do is getting a routine. Depression can snatch away the routine structure from your life. One day goes to second, second goes to third and days pass just like that and start losing your track. Pull up your horses make a daily routine schedule and work it out on that. It will definitely help you feel good and get your life back on track. These will be a lot beneficial to tackle depression.

  • Set goals

When you are in the zone of depression, you might feel like you won’t be able to do anything and this feeling can make you feel worse about yourself and these can make you feel more depressed. Collect all your strength and fight with this feeling. Set daily goals and try your best to achieve those. These goals need not be so big, it can small and achievable so that it boosts your morale and confidence and make you strong enough to tackle depression. Once you start to feel better, you can set higher goals and try accomplishing them.

  • Exercise

While you are exercising, you temporarily feel good. It is because of the good chemicals called endorphins. Doing it on regular basis can give you much advantage on long term basis. Exercise makes you feel active and its one of the best ways to tackle depression. Exercising encourages your brain to rewire itself in many positive ways. Don’t exercise too much to make your health worse. Do it in regular manner and limited manner. Don’t be so encouraged and run a marathon.

  • Get enough sleep

When you are depressed, you are able to sleep very less and these can even worse your depression. Thus if you want to tackle depression, you need to have a sound sleep. You can try stopping nap at daytime and make some changes in the lifestyle and go to bed at definite time compulsorily force yourself to sleep.

3 Ways To Reduce Fatigue

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Reduce FatigueFatigue can also be referred to as tiredness, exhaustion or listlessness. It is not easy to recover from it even if you rest. Fatigue can be classified into either physical or mental fatigue. Physical fatigue is when your muscles are unable to function to the best of their capabilities. Mental fatigue is when there is a decrease in your cognitive performance due to prolonged cognitive activity.

Fatigue can be a result of some of your habits or routines. It can be an absolutely normal response to physical exertion, sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, boredom or emotional stress. However, it could also be a symptom of an underlying medical problem that might require medical attention. If you feel the fatigue is not relieved by adequate sleep, good health, or a low-stress environment, then you should go visit your doctor.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome fatigue:-

1. Dietary suggestions

You need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Don’t overdo it with caffeine as it can result in anxiety and reduced performance. Don’t skip any meals, especially breakfast. Food helps boost your metabolism and gives you energy. Eat a healthy diet with iron rich foods and do not attempt things such as crash diets. Also, try to avoid overeating.

2. Sleep suggestions

Limit your caffeine intake. Excess caffeine can cause insomnia. Learn how to relax. Try to avoid getting stressed for little reasons. Try to get enough rest every day. Do not resort to taking sleeping pills unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Lifestyle suggestions

You need to assess your lifestyle. Try to let go off things that are causing undue depression, stress or anxiety. Do not smoke or engage yourself in alcoholism. If you have these kinds of problems, then seek help for substance abuse. Try to increase your physical activity.

If all of this fails, then visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Self Harm: Understanding The Problem

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Self HarmSelf-harm is not an unknown subject. Many people are actually into self-harm; you just might not know it. People who are actually depressed or disturbed and are into self-harm are actually pretty good at hiding it. The ones, which show off their scars and freshly cut skin to others, or worse, upload pictures and show how tough their life is, well, basically, they just want attention. It’s hard to sort out the ones, which really need help. To find out these people you, as a friend or family member, need to understand the problem first.

• Why do people cut themselves?

There actually is a scientific reason why people self-harm. In our body, the “happy hormone” is called endorphin. When we are happy, we release endorphins. Therefore, when a person is severely depressed and find no way to release endorphins, they try to find a vent. Moreover, someday, some person realized ages ago that self-harm helps one vent. This is because, when you get cut, your body tries to cope with the pain by tricking the brain. the brain helps the body recover psychologically as well by releasing endorphins. Therefore, it’s actually a way the body copes with psychological pain. It’s truly hard to blame the depressed.

• Don’t blame them

No it’s not OKAY to tell cutters that they are weak and pathetic and show offs (yes, don’t even say it to the ones who are showing off). Instead, help them admit that they have a problem and they should get help. You always have to tread on these lines carefully as you never know when a cut might get too deep.

• How to help

People who cut themselves need to be told that there are others ways to cope. Most self-hatred leads to self-harm. People always assume that it’s got to be a boyfriend/girlfriend problem. However, it has been noted that it’s mostly that the reasons vary but the main reason always comes down to self-hatred. People who cut themselves usually have faced a lot of trouble “fitting in”. They have been bullied, dumped, abused, or always trampled upon. Finding out the root of the problem is the main step to start making the problem goes away.

Hair growth facts you did not know about

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Hair growth facts, hair fallYou follow several things to make our hair grow it is not true always. Here are some myths that you follow along with the reality.

It is believed that going for frequent hair cut will make your hair grow fast. It is not true. Your hair grows half-inch every month, even if you do not cut your hair. During the summer hair grows a little faster and your hormones are also responsible for the growth of your hair. Having hair fall of 50-120 strands of hair is normal. Antibiotics, pregnancy are also responsible for hair fall. But, you do not need 2 worry your hair will grow back. Depression is a major reason for hair fall. Removing a strand of grey hair does not increase the number of grey hair. But, removing grey hair is not good for you might end up having an infection.

Avoid Back Pain Due To Working With Computers

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Back pain, healthWorking in front of a computer can be very tiresome sometimes and can take a toll on the body. The eyes need their own rest and the fingers over time tend to become flattened at the top. With low terminals to work at the most affected part is the back. The lumber region of the spine takes all the brunt and the constant bending in front of the monitor does it no good.

In order to avoid such pains the chair on which you sit for such long periods of time need to be comfortable with proper and adequate lumber and thoracic support systems in its design. If this is in an office the chairs cannot be easily replaced. In such cases a routine break from the chair in short spans at regular intervals is best. This keeps the circulation intact and doesn’t stress up the back. A quick walk around or a friendly visit to another cubicle goes long way.

Tips On Broken Wrist Exercise

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Wrist Exercise, fitness tipsIf you have a broken wrist then it may be really painful and can take quite a few numbers of days to heal completely. However just taking medicines may not make your wrist work as before. You need to do proper exercises to make your wrist work fluently as before. There are certain exercises which can cure of your broken wrist and will make it functional.

Try stretching your wrist straight and keep it in that position as long as you can. This will increase the strength of your wrist. Once you have gained enough strength of the wrist, move it slowly in a circular manner. Be very careful while moving your wrist. At the beginning you may not be able to able to move it through a complete circle. Move it as much as you can, otherwise it can lead to something very serious.

Performing these exercises alongside the medicines will heal your broken wrist and will make it functional quickly.

Health benefits of onions

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Benefits of onion, Health tipsOnion is members of the lily family which also includes leeks, garlic, chives, etc. Onion is used in almost all types of foods. But then, other than being used in food, the onions do also have some health benefits. Early settlers used onions for treating cough and cold and to repel away many harmful insects. Onion is also useful for many bacteria including Salmonella, Bacillus subtilis, E.coli etc.

There are many other health benefits of onion. A regular and proper diet containing the useful percentage of onion can lower down cholesterol levels of people and can also keep high blood pressure within control. They contain immense amount of essential nutrients like Vitamin B6, C, manganese, chromium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, etc.
The onions also prove helpful by reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke. They can also prevent atherosclerosis. People suffering from diabetes should also use onions. This is because onion contains allyl propyl disulfide which helps in reducing the blood sugar level by increasing the amount of free insulin in blood.

Dealing with Excessive Palpitation

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Palpitation, health care tipsThere could be a lot of reasons why a person may suffer from excessive palpitations. There is a heart related condition can arrhythmia, where the heart beat is irregular causing the irregular and excessive palpitations. Many pregnant women also complain of excessive palpitations and that’s normal and it decreases by itself. People with hypothyroidism may also have this condition. Normal stress can cause excessive palpitations as well and all you need to do in such situations is suit down, take a deep breath and drink some water so that you can get back to your normal form.

But if there is a deeper condition like arrhythmia or arterial fibrillation, you might need surgery. Hypothyroidism is usually taken under control by medication. You can also go for therapy and homeopathy to get this situation under control without using harsh drugs. Many pregnant women go for these alternatives. So whatever the reason is, get checked by a doctor to find the root cause.

Dealing With Vitamin B Deficiency

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Vitamin B Deficiency , health tipsVitamin B are of several types like vitamin B12, B1,B2, B3, B5,B6,B7, and vitamin B9. Several deficiencies may occur from vitamin deficiency and you must know the symptoms related to each kind so that you can treat it accordingly. Vitamin B1 deficiency causes beriberi. This can be treated by providing the body with thiamine supplements. Blood tests also need to be done. Vitamin B2 deficiency causes Ariboflavinosis where the patient has to be given a diet rich in riboflavin. Vitamin B3 deficiency causes a condition called pellagra which needs extensive medical treatment and therapy. If not treated, any cause death within 5 years. Vitamin B7 may cause impaired growth and development. That’s why it should be seen that a child gets proper nutrition from a young age. One of the most common deficiencies of vitamin B is the deficiency of vitamin B12. This causes anemia. The person becomes weak and is prone to other diseases as well. So a diet rich in iron and supplements is required.

Importance of scalp care

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

scalp care, hair careYou must take proper care of hair otherwise you may have huge hair loss. A very important part of hair care involves taking proper care of the scalp. The scalp health is of immense importance when it comes to hair care because the healthy scalp determines the shine and volume of your hair. There are certain things which need to be taken care of well to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. Smoking too much can prove to be dreadful for your scalp and hair. It reduces the blood circulation in the scalp which leads to hair loss.

Too much exposure to the sun can damage the cells that lead to hair growth thereby causing damage to your hair. You must shampoo your hair regularly to keep it healthy. Make sure that the shampoo you use is to of a renowned brand. Oiling your hair and in particular your scalp is a very important thing. It provides the scalp with all the necessary nutrition that it requires for healthy growth.