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5 Foods Good For Cholesterol

Friday, December 5th, 2014

foods for cholesterolCholesterol is a waxy fat which is present normally in the human body. It is synthesized by the liver from fat and extra carbohydrate. It is a precursor of steroid hormones, vitamin D and bile acids. Fat is insoluble in water, hence, it need carrier proteins for its absorption. Amongst these carrier proteins, the two main are LDL and HDL. LDL is the bad carrier as it carries excess of cholesterol whereas HDL causes lowering of cholesterol levels in the body.


Hypercholesterolemia is excessive cholesterol in blood.
According to national heart, lung and blood institute, cholesterol level should be:

Normal value: <200mg/dl

Borderline: 200 to 239mg/dl

• High: >240mg/dl


GENETIC: Familial hypercholesterolemia is an autosomal dominant condition
DIET: High amounts of saturated, Trans-mono- and poly D unsaturated fatty acids in diet e.g. red meat, dairy products, chocolates, fried food etc.

5 Natural Ways Of Decreasing It:

1. Oat

• Mechanism of action:  Oat has soluble fibres which dissolves LDL and hence decreases cholesterol levels.
• Dishes:  Steel cut oatmeal, cold oat cereal, oat bran
(Also seen in barley and prunes)
• Quantity:  1.5 cups per day gives 6 grams fibres (adding one fruit to it adds 4 grams to fibre intake)
• Other uses:  Decreases weight, improves digestive system.

2. Almond and other nuts

• Mechanism of action:  Has monounsaturated acids which increase HDL level and also stop oxidation of LDL.
• Dishes:  Chop and keep in a jar and sprinkle 2 tablespoons a day on yogurt, cereals, vegetables, salads
• Quantity:  2 tablespoons per day for 5 days
• Other uses:  Has vitamin e, magnesium, copper etc. Walnuts have omega-3-fatty acid as well

3. Soya

• Mechanism of action:  Replaces unsaturated fatty acids with mono-saturated fatty acids hinging the process of cholesterol formation.
• Dishes:  Soya beans, soya milk, tofu, soya flour
(Best form is soya beans)
• Quantity:  25 grams per day
• Other uses:  High protein levels, good replacement of meat products

4. Fish

• Mechanism of action:   Omega-3-fatty acid decreases LDL levels and increases HDL levels
• Dishes:   Salmon, anchovies, sardines, herrings, rainbow trout, tuna, other cold water fishes (salmon has the highest level of omega-3-fatty acid)
• Quantity:  2 servings of fatty fish per week
• Other uses:  Protective function especially protects heart, lowers weight, helpful in depressive disorders, good for eyes, good source of protein, improves memory

5. Plant products:

• Mechanism of action:  These are full of antioxidants that prevent LDL from oxidising. Oxidised LDL disrupts the cell membrane and get accumulated there. It causes obesity and also releases toxins which cause further problems. Also high LDL levels mean high cholesterol formation
• Fruits:  Blueberries, avocadoes, apple, grapes, grapefruit, fortified oranges
• Vegetables:  Spinach, cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic
• Beans and lentils:  Black beans, white beans, kidney beans etc.
• Quantity:  2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of dal, and at least one fruit per day

Hypercholesterolemia increases risk of heart diseases, diabetes, blood vessel blockage, damage to liver and kidney. Hypercholesterolemia causes slow painful death. The good thing is cholesterol levels can easily be estimated in blood and also hypercholesterolemia can be controlled by simple methods. So, fight cholesterol not your life.

A brief on fat burner foods

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

fat burner foodsAre you worried about your unnecessary fat gain and looking for ways to reduce? Well, a shaped body is the result of good exercise and proper diet and you have to be really careful about what you put in the mouth. You must know that there are certain foods that ooze a thermogenic effect in the body resulting in huge fat loss. The article here is a brief on some of the best fat burner foods.

First of all, you can count on foods enriched in Omega 3. These include tuna, salmon, flaxseed and eggs. The Omega-3 fats enables the body to burn off fat by making it better responsive to the Leptin hormone. Leptin is known to enhance metabolism that assists hugely in the fat burning process. You must include protein-rich foods in your diet when you are trying hard to lose fat. Protein carries superb thermogenic effect- it takes long to digest protein-rich foods that lowers down carb absorption by the body. The best protein-enriched foods are lean meats, sea foods, egg whites and steak. It’s interesting to note that if you are on protein-rich diet even beer consumption would have less fattening effect on your body.

Have ginger everyday as ginger has proved to be very effective in burning fat. Ginger assists in stimulating the fat-burning mechanism by escalating the overall heat & temperature in the body. It’s good if you have a knack for coffee. Coffee contains caffeine – another great fat burning agent. Then, yes, you have whole grains. Foods like brown rice & oatmeal are fantastic fat burning agents. Besides, you must vouch for the low-fat or trimmed dairy products. These are rich in Vitamin D and calcium which help in building and preserving muscle mass- needed for a solid metabolism. Green tea is also effective for fat burning.

Health benefits of vitamin A

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

benefits of vitamin A, Health tipsVitamin A has a number of health benefits. Termed as Retinol, Vitamin A has a number of benefits helping the human body in healthy development and functioning. The very first benefit of the Vitamin A is the role it plays in providing good eyesight. Consumption of vitamin A on a regular basis will keep the eye sight perfect. The vitamin A helps in the development of the epithelial cells that cover the human body and server as the protective and shock absorbing layer.

It also provides strength to the tissues and bones. Correct amount of vitamin A helps the proper functioning of the human body including the metabolism and also helps in proper growth of the bones. It also helps the human body to fight against a number of diseases. Thus vitamin A if taken in proper amount will provide the necessary resistive power in the human body against all types of diseases.

Food that can prevent pimple

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Healthy food, skin careThere are a lot of foods that you could help you keep away from acne. Fish oil is very good for preventing pimples. The Omega 3 fatty acids that are provided by the fish oil is very essential for constructing healthy cells for your body. They are very good for keeping the skin clear. You can have a lot of vegetables and fruit.

They also provide you with essential nutrients that will help you fight pimples. Herbal tea is also very good for your skin. There are a number of beneficial vitamins that can prevent the formation of pimples in your skin. Pimples are also caused by stress. Tea is a very good stress buster. Drinking a lot of water is very good for fighting pimples. Water will get the blood purified and that in turn will help you keep away from acne. Yogurts and walnuts are also very good for fighting pimple as well.

Soups for various occasions and health reason

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Benefits of soups, health tipsSoups are perfect for any occasion. They are light and can be great appetizers when cooked in a good way. There are certain rules regarding soups that need to be followed for best results. There is a requirement of high freshness when it comes to soups. Therefore, the products that are being used for the preparation of the soups have to be cleaned thoroughly and all the defects need to be removed with perfect scraping and cutting.

The odor of some essential elements has to be done away with in order to make the soup taste good. Cutting of the food is also very important. Believe it or not, the cutting of the food products may affect the taste of the soup. One important thing about cooking soup is that salt should always be added to the soup after the dish has been prepared. It is important that the cooking is monitored constantly.

Jackfruit seeds-their role in daily health

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Benefits of Jackfruit seeds, healthy foodThe fate of our heath lies in pour own hands. If we take care of ourselves then we can be physically and as well as mentally fit, allowing us to do our daily work and enjoy life to the fullest. There are many medicines and chemicals available in the market, promising us of a better health, better skin and all that. But everything doesn’t work on everyone. That is why something that we can always turn to nature. Rely on nature to make yourself healthy and beautiful.Jackfruit seeds are known to have many great properties.

Jackfruit contains amino acids which are essential for our daily nutritional intake. Also diabetic patients are benefitted a lot through jackfruit seeds. Many people do not like the smell of jackfruit. So what you can do is separate out the seeds and then dry them out in the sun, crush them and mix them in foods and milk. The smell is removed completely and one doesn’t ever understand that the seeds are from the jackfruit.

Importance of drinking water

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Importance of drinking water, water for healthWater is a part of life. In proverbs, it is said that water is just another name for life. You need water to sustain and you need it in every part and aspect of your life. Drinking water is very important. It is absurd to imagine life without drinking water. Human being, as well as any other creature in the world needs drinking water for survival.

The body needs the amount of fluid in order to keep functional and it can be provided only by drinking water. Otherwise, the body will dry up and you will be withered like a rotting rat. It is a harsh way to put but that is the only way to express the grave necessity of drinking water for us, human beings. Since we are not like other animals, we are sensitive to a lot of things. Therefore, drinking water will not be drinking water for us as long as it s not clean and pure. Therefore, it is very important to have clean and pure drinking water in order to stay alive.

Pros and cons of drinking coffee

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Effects of drinking coffee, health care tipsResearch has been done but no fixed conclusion has been drawn whether coffee is good or bad. Various people have various opinions regarding this but one thing is clear that it has both positive and negative effects. This article will show you the various effects of drinking coffee.

Coffee is said to freshen ourselves and increases the heart rates the blood pressure improves. It dilutes the blood vessels present in the bronchi which increases the oxygen supply to the brain. It also improves our concentration power. That is the reason why doctors often tell the students to take coffee while studying. But coffee has high dose of caffeine and so hypertension patients and cardiac arrhythmia patients. Emotional people who have problem of neurosis or other mental problems must not drink it. Coffee can cause irregular sleep or digestive problems. Keeping all the things in mind what you can do is that follow the doctor’s advice well. You can drink the coffee in limited quantity so that you can get the benefits as well as getting saved from the harmful effects.

How to eat well during your pregnancy

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Diet tips during pregnancy, pregnancyIt is very important to eat healthy and follow a nutritious diet during pregnancy as it helps the baby child grow well and keeps the mother’s health in check. Protein intake should be kept high during pregnancy, and processed foods should be totally avoided. Try to have more of fresh vegetables and fruits during your pregnancy period. Eating raw fresh food rather than cooked one is much better for the mother and child.

The diet has to be rich in minerals and vitamins so that the mother does not feel much fatigue, and the baby gets all the nutrients it requires during this period. Avoid food items that contain preservatives as it would not be healthy during pregnancy. Eat more of organic and healthy food during pregnancy. Junk food should be completely avoided as they contain lots of fat and preservatives in them. Maintain a steady nutritious diet daily filled with green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Health benefits of a water ionizer

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Benefits of water ionizer, health care tipsThe use of a water ionizer is highly recommended these days because the water contains lots of impurities in it which can cause harm to health if consumed. The water ionizer has a filter pipe through which the water passes, and the contaminants, pesticides and chlorine is removed from the water. Thus consuming alkaline water will improve your body’s capability to fight foreign bodies and cure itself much faster. The immune system also witnesses improvement.

The stability which the alkaline water adds to your body is an important factor. The oxygen delivery to different cells also becomes quite rapid. You will feel the difference in your health within a span of a week or two after you start consuming water which has passed through the water ionizer. The cell activity also improves a great deal when you start consuming alkaline water daily. Get home a water ionizer as soon as possible.