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Giving Your New Born A Bath

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Tips to give a bath to a baby, baby care A little baby always needs delicate care and handling. Therefore, while giving a bath to your new born you must remain very careful so that the baby does not face any problem.

Use a spacious bath tub or a sink to give the baby a bath. Keep all the basic items close to your hand like the soap, towel, oil, clothes etc. Keep a check on the temperature of the water as the baby is still very vulnerable to abrupt changes in temperature. Put tap water and then mix warm water and then mix it properly using your hands. You can use a hypoallergenic bubble bath which will add moisture to the skin of your baby. Keep a towel to wrap the baby after opening the dress and then with your hand slowly put water in the head. Avoid shampoo as it may affect the delicate skin. Then slowly dry the head with the towel. Properly position the baby in the tub by placing the neck in your elbow and holding the back of the legs and then wash the body with your hands. Do not keep the baby in water for long and quickly cover him with clothes after drying with towel.