Advantages of vitamin C for skin

Benefits of  Vitamin E, skin careWith the recent studies in the field of science it has been proved that vitamin C is a good agent for skin. It makes your skin healthy and glowing. Due to regular exposure to the sun your skin develops few free radicals. These radicals make your skin rough and unhealthy. Vitamin C has got anti oxidant property and thus it solves the problem of free radicals in your skin. The vitamin oxidises the radicals and bring back the beauty of your skin.

Vitamin C handles the production of collagen; this makes your skin look good, healthy and shiny. If the amount of collagen reduces from your body it will result into an unhealthy skin. This makes vitamin C a very important part of your body. So, for having a young healthy and shiny skin you should be in a habit of taking in the correct amount of vitamin in your body and have a great skin.

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