Adult diapers what they are?

Adult diapers, Fecal incontinenceAdult diaper as the name suggests are used by adults. Those adults who have a body which is just a little bit bigger and larger than that of an infant or a toddler use it. Incontinence, mobility impairment and dementia are few of the reasons when an adult diaper come into play. They come in varied forms like that of underpants, pads or may be the traditional child diapers. For the sake of dignity however the term diaper is avoided and ‘briefs’ is used.

Adults who face urinary or Fecal incontinence or any other medical conditions are forced to wear briefs or diapers. Astronauts are seen to wear trunk like diapers which a super absorbent. Quite funny and imaginary but we have infantilists and diaper fetishists who wear diapers just for the sake of comfort, under the sun too. Guards who have to be in a place for a long time use diapers for emergency discharge of urinal. People diving in diving suits also may wear diapers because they have to be under water for several hours at a stretch.

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