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Benefits Of Attending Yoga Classes

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Yoga ClassesYoga was born in India thousands of years ago as part of religious beliefs and philosophies, and especially long lately, it seemed like an excellent exercise, which also helps to channel positive energy and improve health in every way because it opens the chakras (energy flow points in our body). According to the Hindu religion and many ideologies of the “new era ” , yoga is not only considered exercise, some people consider it a religious technique , but if you do not share these ideas , do not worry , yoga is also for you, many people use it to relax and would exercise without linking it to a religion.
In yoga there are different techniques that will help among other things, to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. As an exercise, it is very beneficial because it controls the breathing, helps posture and is very calming. Several studies have shown to improve fertility in women and benefit them in the climacteric. As occurs before starting any exercise practice, we recommend you consult with doctor, especially if you have any special physical condition.

Physical and Physiological Benefits

1. Increase flexibility.
2. Improve muscle tone.
3. Strengthen bones.
4. Your breathing process Improved.
5. Improve circulation.
6. Improve intestinal work.
7. Relieve pain.
8. You should be able stimulating the immune system.
9. You should be able improving the functioning of the sexual organs.
10. Relax.
11. Psychological or Mental Benefits
12. you should Increase concentration.
13. Get peace of mind.
14. Increase self-esteem.

It is best for Auxiliary treatments of psychological disorders and addictions. Yoga techniques have been the subject of many experiments to test its effect on the nervous system, heart rate and its ability to aid in healing various ailments. Also, there have been studies to determine their potential to change the depressive moods. The results are, in all areas, there is a significant improvement not only in health, even changes the way people live.