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A brief on fat burner foods

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

fat burner foodsAre you worried about your unnecessary fat gain and looking for ways to reduce? Well, a shaped body is the result of good exercise and proper diet and you have to be really careful about what you put in the mouth. You must know that there are certain foods that ooze a thermogenic effect in the body resulting in huge fat loss. The article here is a brief on some of the best fat burner foods.

First of all, you can count on foods enriched in Omega 3. These include tuna, salmon, flaxseed and eggs. The Omega-3 fats enables the body to burn off fat by making it better responsive to the Leptin hormone. Leptin is known to enhance metabolism that assists hugely in the fat burning process. You must include protein-rich foods in your diet when you are trying hard to lose fat. Protein carries superb thermogenic effect- it takes long to digest protein-rich foods that lowers down carb absorption by the body. The best protein-enriched foods are lean meats, sea foods, egg whites and steak. It’s interesting to note that if you are on protein-rich diet even beer consumption would have less fattening effect on your body.

Have ginger everyday as ginger has proved to be very effective in burning fat. Ginger assists in stimulating the fat-burning mechanism by escalating the overall heat & temperature in the body. It’s good if you have a knack for coffee. Coffee contains caffeine – another great fat burning agent. Then, yes, you have whole grains. Foods like brown rice & oatmeal are fantastic fat burning agents. Besides, you must vouch for the low-fat or trimmed dairy products. These are rich in Vitamin D and calcium which help in building and preserving muscle mass- needed for a solid metabolism. Green tea is also effective for fat burning.