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Hair growth facts you did not know about

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Hair growth facts, hair fallYou follow several things to make our hair grow it is not true always. Here are some myths that you follow along with the reality.

It is believed that going for frequent hair cut will make your hair grow fast. It is not true. Your hair grows half-inch every month, even if you do not cut your hair. During the summer hair grows a little faster and your hormones are also responsible for the growth of your hair. Having hair fall of 50-120 strands of hair is normal. Antibiotics, pregnancy are also responsible for hair fall. But, you do not need 2 worry your hair will grow back. Depression is a major reason for hair fall. Removing a strand of grey hair does not increase the number of grey hair. But, removing grey hair is not good for you might end up having an infection.