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Detoxification essentials

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Facts about Detoxification, health care tipsToxins are accumulated in various parts of the body after metabolism and these toxins are very harmful to the system if not cleaned and reduced properly. Elimination of these toxic substances from the body is called detoxification. The essential organs in our body that detoxifies our bloodstream are the lungs, kidney, liver and skin. Lungs detoxify by exhaling the carbon dioxide from deoxygenated blood and supplying pure oxygenated blood to the heart, liver breaks down the complex compounds into smaller fractions and these are given out by the kidney in form of urine and the skin in form of sweat.

Detoxification essentials include particular diet of food consumption that detoxifies the body, dialysis, acupuncture and use of detoxes and chelating agents. All of these are different physiological and medical methods of cleansing and nourishing the body system. Acupuncture detoxification, chelating and detox diet are used for normal essential detoxification whereas dialysis and detoxes are used when there is a serious need and the body cannot eliminate the toxins on its own.

Hand and foot care essentials

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Foot care essentials, skin careIt is very essential to keep your legs, arms, feet and hands moisturized. Well manicured hands and feet portray the beauty of your personality. Neglecting your hands and feet can lead to collagen reduction, spotting and thinning of skin because of drying. Taking care is essential because both our hands and feet are exposed to extreme temperatures and drying. There are a few easy tips that can prove to be effective. You should drink a lot of water and other fluids to have a healthy and nourished skin.

You can use effective sunscreen lotions or other organic products to protect your hands and feet from UV radiation. People above the age of 35 are prone to wrinkles and sagging of skin even on their feet and hands. They can choose from a host of anti ageing products, or other anti ageing organic creams and lotions to apply on their feet and hands to maintain the ph balance and reduce aging signs.

Stone in your gallbladder: what to do next

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
  1. Gall bladder stones, health careGall bladder stones or gallstones often generate a tremendous amount of pain in a person’s body. Most commonly the gallbladder is removed to treat the stones but there are alternative ways that are suggested by doctors.

Gallbladder surgeries have become one of the most popular surgeries in the world today. There are a few easy to follow gallstone remedies to pass your gallstones painlessly that you can try if you want to keep your organ. Flushing your gallbladder stones can be as easy to do as a high fiber flush. Firstly you should make it a habit to drink plenty of water so that you do not get dehydrated. You can never win your gallbladder by consuming sodas, juices, coffee or alcohol. Water only helps to prevent and treat gallstones. Secondly, intake plenty of fiber and keep your gallbladder flushed. Thirdly have Vitamin C to dissolve gallstones from cholesterol. Finally lead a healthy life with healthy eating habits.

Post operative care

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Post operative care, care after surgeryAny patient who has undergone a surgery is strongly recommended for post operative care. There are a lot of precautions and steps to be followed as a part of post operative care. The reason is very simple. During the operation, the patient is under the care of the consulting doctor or specialist but after the operation, the patient is on his own and he needs to take good care of himself for better recovery from the operation.

During the post operative period, if the patient is not careful enough, then the wounds can take a bad turn resulting in pain and severe damage. First of all you can hire a help at your home for taking good care of you and paying attention to your medicine and other needs during the post operative period. Another smart thing as a part of post operative care is that you can go for several post operative therapies. One such therapy is cold therapy for recovery accelerant and pain management.

What is a leaky gut syndrome?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Leaky gut syndrome, health care tipsThe condition of damaged or altered bowel lining is known as the leaky gut syndrome. This syndrome is not a recognized diagnosis but the term is frequently used by certain medicine practitioners. The hypothesis regarding this condition says that it may be caused by increase in the permeability of the Gut wall due to poor diet, toxins, infection, parasites, or medications. Leaky gut permits substances like microbes, toxins, undigested food, or waste, macromolecules that are larger than usual through abnormally permeable gut wall. These substances affect an immune reaction or affect the body directly.

Some practitioners believe that this syndrome may be a possible beginning point or connection with various disorders like diabetes, asthma, scleroderma, internal colitis, multiple sclerosis, Cohn’s disease, etc. in this condition dietary treatments that include casein-free diets, gluten-free diets, antifungal diets, low sugar diets and supplements which include probiotics and nystatin are suggested.

Rosacea: what is it?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Acne Rocacea, skin diseasesRosacea is often termed as Acne Rocacea or adult Acne. It is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit just like Acne vulgaris. But it is not exactly a form of what we know as Acne vulguris. Rosecea generally starts off with flushing of face or redness. Small bumps that are pimple like are formed on the face what contributes to the redness of the skin is the visibility of capillaries on the skin.

The capillaries that are visible on the face are very over sensitive. Certain triggering causes of Rosecea are drinking of alcohol, sun exposure, and exposure to extreme cold or hot weather, Consumption of spicy food, emotional stress. Rosecea generally occurs after the age of 30 and is confined to the face. There is no typical cure for rosecea but it can be successfully cured. If there is any progress in rosecea then the bumpiness and redness can take really become severe, but in most cases it does not become very severe. This condition is very common for women to develop whereas men have been known to develop far more serious forms.

Dealing with obesity at an early age?

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Tips to deal with obesity, health care tipsThe most dangerous problem of the time is obesity and overweight. This problem has been diagnosed in many boys and girls of the present generation mainly due to the type of lifestyle they are leading. The obesity at an early age is giving rise to severe problems for them in their future. Even few individuals are getting affected by many severe diseases. Hear problems. Asthma, osteoarthritis etc are some of the common diseases found in the individuals. But this thing can be very easily averted. Just following a few simple steps and leading a healthy and disciplined lifestyle will do it all.

The young generation is getting attracted towards junk food very easily. First of all a healthy diet is must. Too much spicy and oily food is detrimental to health. Other than this, due to huge pressure of studies the young ones are hardly getting time to play out of doors. If you are the parents, you must make it sure that your son and daughter have a regular period of outdoor games. Otherwise they will develop extra fat sitting idle at home. If these few things can be followed, the problem of obesity at an early age can be averted.

DIY care for sinus infection

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Tips to cure sinus infection, SinusesSinuses are cavities that are present near your nose and there can happen infection which results in lots of pain. Sinus infections are of two types: acute and chronic. The chronic type lasts longer and is a greater source of pain than the acute ones. The best home remedy is to inhale steam that makes mucus thin to ease its evacuation. A hot cloth if applied on the forehead can cause great relief. It helps in draining the mucus from the sinuses.

Another very comfortable remedy is you can apply paste of cinnamon and water or water mixed with ginger and mustard seeds. You can also drink juice of raw grapes for good results. You can also inhale steam of eucalyptus which helps in decongestion. Home remedies are really very useful to reduce sinus pain and you can also get a good deal of relief. Sinus is a problem of many people and you can easily use these methods to give yourself relief with no risk of side effects.

Aromatherapy and skin health

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Aromatherapy, skin health tipsIt is everyone’s desire to have a healthy and glowing skin. What can be a more effective method other than the Aromatherapy? Research has found out that the sense of smell can lighten the full mood. As we all know that if you have happy from inside it reflects in your face. The Aromatherapy is proved to give relief from stress and mental anxieties. This is extremely beneficial in today’s life where people get easily stressed out. It is always also seen that this therapy leads to better sleep which will also help you get a youthful glow. It cures asthma also. Tea tree oil has the qualities to fight against fungal germs and is a great cure in case of insect bites.

Lavender oil work wonders for a dry skin. It is also said that vanilla oils is very effective for patients who is losing weight very fast. The fragrance can relieve you of all the weakness and give you are lot of confidence. Each of these oils has individual qualities and so it is advisable that you try all the oils and find out what purpose each oil serves.

Importance of drinking water

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Importance of drinking water, water for healthWater is a part of life. In proverbs, it is said that water is just another name for life. You need water to sustain and you need it in every part and aspect of your life. Drinking water is very important. It is absurd to imagine life without drinking water. Human being, as well as any other creature in the world needs drinking water for survival.

The body needs the amount of fluid in order to keep functional and it can be provided only by drinking water. Otherwise, the body will dry up and you will be withered like a rotting rat. It is a harsh way to put but that is the only way to express the grave necessity of drinking water for us, human beings. Since we are not like other animals, we are sensitive to a lot of things. Therefore, drinking water will not be drinking water for us as long as it s not clean and pure. Therefore, it is very important to have clean and pure drinking water in order to stay alive.