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Health Essentials For Summer

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Health care during summer, health careSummers are generally marked by blazing sunlight, high humidity and high temperature. The heat may take a tool on your health, so must try to protect yourself as much as you can.

You need to be careful from the harmful UV rays of the sun which is known to cause skin cancer and eye problems. Try to use sunscreen or sun-block when you go out in the harsh sunlight as it absorbs or reflect the UV radiation. A wide- brimmed hat and protective clothing must be used to protect you from sunburn. Polarized sunglasses can be used to protect the eyes from the scorching sun. A drop of peppermint or lavender can be put at the back of your neck and bottom of your feet in order to cool yourself in summers. However you can also add a drop of peppermint to your drinking water can help you cool the body temperature. Well needless to say that you must drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits to save you for the summer heat. Thus be a bit careful and fight against the summer.

Dealing with mood disorder

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Mood disorder, Common DiseasesOne of the major reasons for family conflicts nowadays is mood disorder. The main problem lies in the fact that mood disorder can come and go at any point of time without any warning but most of the time the damage that it creates becomes irreparable. But learning how to deal with such a situation in case of a loved one suffering from this problem can help in the recovery and also keep the family harmony intact.

The first thing that a person can do to help the person suffering is to learn about the disease and recognize the syndromes that lead to the mood disorder. Learning the signs as to when an outburst is about to occur is extremely important in diffusing the situation. The condition of mood disorder can be extremely unnerving as the person can be extremely happy an instant and switch over to being morose then very next. Understanding is the key to overcome this situation and abate this problem thereby maintaining family harmony.

How to heal a tennis elbow

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Tips to heal a tennis elbow,  tennis elbowIf you love playing tennis and have a habit of playing it regularly then sooner or later you will be suffering from the problem of tennis elbow. In this problem you will have pain in the elbow of your playing arm. This is known as Lateral Epicondylitis in the field of medical science. This problem is faced by every tennis player or cricketer. You can cure it by visiting a physiotherapist with some exercise. This can also be cured with the help of some medicines.

But if you want to stay away from the antibiotics there is an herbal and natural way of treating this problem too. The herbs act as a good medicine for any problem that you face. It soothes your pains and comforts you. The ice and hot pack also acts as a good healer for the pain. The potato packs also acts as a good medicine for you. Thus, you can cure your tennis elbow easily.

Curing gardeners back

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Cure back pain, painAll gardeners have one thing in common apart from their interest in gardening. And that is severe backache. Continuous pruning and weeding while bending down can cause agonizing back pain. Therefore, you need to know who to cure it. If you are experiencing backache due to gardening, you should used raised bed while gardening. You can also do the while kneeling down, just make sure that you use a kneepad to avoid sore knees. Try to avoid bending and stooping at all cost.

Simple stretching exercises before staring the gardening work can go a long way in curing your back pain. While digging up the ground try to keeping a hollow pain, this will help a lot. Do not stay in the same position for a very long time. After you finish with the work, do stretching exercises. At the end of the day, enjoy a long and warm bath.

Importance of CPR training

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Importance of CPR training, CPR trainingCPR training is very important and its need cannot be ignored; it is something every family member or at least one of them should be acquainted to and they should be active in case of an emergency. CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is something that needs to be applied on the patient who just went into a cardiac arrest. Research has proved that those given CPR within minutes of cardiac arrests have doubled the chances of survival.

Unfortunately, most of the family members are not even aware of such a thing. This is way better a process than just sitting and panicking. CPR in the form of mouth to mouth breathing and chest compressions provides the necessary oxygen and support that the brain, heart and lungs of the patient needs to keep up till emergency ambulance arrives. This is a smart technique to increase the survival rate of heart attack patients which most people are completely unaware of.

Healing broken bones

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Tips to heal broken bones, broken bones healing tipsThere are different methods through which you can heal up your broken bones. The healing of a bone depends upon person to person. The different age group of the person requires different treatment. The person who is old needs more attention and care in compare to a person who is young. There are many medications and surgical procedures which are available and will help to fill all the injuries.

The next best thing you can apply on your broken bone is the application of the different oil on the bone. There are many essential oils which are present which help to heal up the bone injuries. When there is swelling and pain on the infected part then you can put helichrysum italicum. Then, for connectivity of the tissues and ligaments you can apply lemongrass oil. There are many other essential oils which you can apply for different purposes. You may take guide from doctor for using the right oil for yourself.

First aid for a heat stoke

Friday, May 25th, 2012

First aid for heat stoke, first aidIf you are suffering from a heat stroke, then the following steps should be taken. Firstly, you should take the victim to an open space where the victim can breathe fresh air. This will make the victim feel relaxed. Then, remove or open the clothes of the victim so that the body temperature of the victim gets lower. You can also wrap the victim under the cold and moist sheet.

You may also take the victim to a room where there is fan or air conditioner. If the victim feels well then you can give cold water to him. The intake of cold water will make the victim feel relaxed. You can also spray water on the victim’s face or can clean the victim’s body with a wet cloth. If then also you think that the victim is not getting well, and then you must immediately take him to the hospital. Thus, following these steps will make the condition of the victim better.

Advantages of vitamin C for skin

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Benefits of  Vitamin E, skin careWith the recent studies in the field of science it has been proved that vitamin C is a good agent for skin. It makes your skin healthy and glowing. Due to regular exposure to the sun your skin develops few free radicals. These radicals make your skin rough and unhealthy. Vitamin C has got anti oxidant property and thus it solves the problem of free radicals in your skin. The vitamin oxidises the radicals and bring back the beauty of your skin.

Vitamin C handles the production of collagen; this makes your skin look good, healthy and shiny. If the amount of collagen reduces from your body it will result into an unhealthy skin. This makes vitamin C a very important part of your body. So, for having a young healthy and shiny skin you should be in a habit of taking in the correct amount of vitamin in your body and have a great skin.

Virtual hip surgery explained

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Precaution tips for virtual hip surgery,  hip surgeryBefore you start doing any hip surgery work you should do some preparation work. This preparation work will actually help you to do the work correctly as well as on time. This preparation work will include the marking of the incisions and much other preparation work. Each of the virtual hip surgery needs to be treated differently. It depends upon from person to person and doctor to doctor. You should always go for an experienced doctor to have a hip surgery. You may get all the details from the internet to go for an experienced hip surgeon.

Virtual hip surgery needs knowledge as well as practice. You may gather more and more information from the internet, books and medical books to know more about the surgery. Once you have done the surgery work then you should know how to actually fit the new hip. The fitting of the hip should be done carefully so that the person does not feel uncomfortable after the surgery.

Stroke prevention diet

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Stroke prevention diet, diet plansWith diet plans that can quite reduce stroke possibilities limited fat options to maximum of thirty percent of total calorie inputs. Make sure to have useful fat like virgin oil and other low cholesterol ingredients. While Vitamin D should also be a part of your diet chart. Omega3 are contained in salmon, tuna and mackerel or the veg. way i.e. in walnuts and flax seeds. Omega3 supplements can also be an option if fruits or fishes are not in your taste. Try to avoid salts to the most or intake at reduced rates, or not more than 2-3 grams per day.

With uncontrolled salt intake can lead to high blood pressure or heart failure. There are no supplements to the advantage that you can derive with regular fresh fruits and vegetable components in your diet chart Starch and fibre have carbohydrates composition. While whole grains and brown rice can give you the fibre benefits while other options that you should allot in the diet chart are fruits, vegetables, bran, barley, oats and leguminous stuffs that are good sources for fibre and starch that your body requires. Control iron intake and take doctor advice with Vitamin B supplements.